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Bestelle Mode online bei About You. Kostenlose & schnelle Lieferung Mode aus Öko Materialien und aus Fairer, Nachhaltiger Herstellung entdecken. Avocadostore - Faire Mode, Nachhaltige Produkte & Umweltfreundliche Alternativen This video covers the basics of working in RPN entry mode, including:* Switching to RPN Entry Mode* Entering numbers* Arithmetic Functions* Logs, Trig, E..

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  1. calculations. The HP 50G and HP 12C financial calculator only use RPN. Because HP understands that some customers prefer the traditional algebraic entry mode , certain HP calculators work both in RPN mode as the algebraic mode . This is for instance the case with the 17BII+ , the 12c Platinum and the HP Prime. RPN is also consistent in the use . Most non- RPN scientific calculator
  2. How to store a variable on HP Prime in RPN mode? For Textbook or Algebraic, there is a STO> Menu button below the screen. But for RPN, there is no STO> button to save a value to a variable to be use later on in the future. 2
  3. Hp Prime Online-Anleitung: Der Verlauf Im Rpn-Modus. Die Ergebnisse Ihrer Berechnungen Werden Im Verlauf Gespeichert. Dieser Verlauf Wird Über Der Eingabezeile Angezeigt. Berechnungen, Die Nicht Mehr Direkt Zu Sehen Sind, Können Durch Blättern Nach Oben Angezeigt Werden. Der Rechner..
  4. Re: HP Prime - How to STO in RPN mode? Message #2 Posted by Eddie W. Shore on 16 Aug 2013, 12:04 p.m., in response to message #1 by Javier Goizueta. Enter the number or whatever you want to store, press ENTER, call up single quotes, enter your variable name, press ENTER again, and finally execute STO> Example: 2: 8. 1: 'A' Stores 8 into A
  5. utes to 8 hours. This can be done manually within the calculator's menus, or by using a computer with HP's connectivity software
  6. That said, RPN should be a mode that is usable in both Home and CAS. The system menu should default to a menu dedicated to stack operations. In fact, I have currently have no idea what the menu is for when in the Home screen. I see STO> and that's it -- makes me wonder why it is not just disabled (since STO> is a [Shift][EEX]) and just show the menu when a menu operation is called (e.g. pressing the toolbox key)
  7. La Hp prime possède trois mode différents dont le célèbre Reverse Polish Notation qui a faisait le charme des modèles mythiques formels Hp28S HP 48 . Shift.

For example, 0:CAS 1:Home/Textbook 2:Home/Algebraic 3:Home/RPN. SETMODE(n) - Sets the current mode of the calculator as above. That way, if you wanted to retrieve something from level 1 of the CAS stack, you could do so even if in a different mode (RPN for example) as follows: temp:=CALCMODE; SETMODE(0); X:=ANS(1); CALCMODE(temp) Im UPN-Modus sind nur neun Tastendrücke erforderlich: 1 Beim HP Prime ist sie auf 128 Stack-Ebenen begrenzt. Demzufolge entfällt dort auch die oben skizzierte Sonderfunktion des T-Registers. Eine weitere Besonderheit betrifft die Funktion der ENTER-Taste, die bei Hewlett-Packard-Rechnern, die klassisches UPN (Classical RPN im englischen Sprachraum) implementieren, unter bestimmten. HP Prime In Solver with RPN mode ‎04-03-2018 08:51 PM - edited ‎04-03-2018 09:03 PM The key is to use the QUOTE( ) command, or just ' ' (which is a quicker wayt to do it x^y (x power y) key on HP prime calculator when running in RPN mode seems to have flipped x, y values on the stack. In other words, for a normal HP RPN calculator: 3 enter 4 x^y will give 4^3 = 64. But HP prime gives 3^4 = 81 The HP Prime calculator offers two modes of navigation: touch screen and keyboard. In many cases, you can tap an icon, field, menu, or object to select (or deselect) it. For example, you can open the Function app in the Application Library by tapping its icon once. However, to open the Application Library, you will need to press a key: !. Selections can often b

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Some clever shortcuts for HP Prime The user keyboard in the HP Prime gives us great flexibility in configuring our calculator. Those that had used the HP50g and HP41c were used to this feature (I can't remember now if the keyboard was fully configurable with the HP42s. Other calculators only had function keys, that, while useful, is a completely different thing) Unless you're a student. HP 35s Using RPN Mode hp calculators - 5 - HP 35s Using RPN Mode - Version 1.0 he Ï key has a special task in RPN. It copies into register Y the number typed or calculated in register X. This is s Ï copies the number from X to Y, it can also be used to make a copy for other purposes, such as doubling a hy RPN? You might have noticed that calculating the carpet area in RPN did not use. Otherwise, the only easy way to tell what model you hold is to check the About HP Prime page displayed by the calculator itself. To do so, press the Help key on the top row, then touch the first soft-key (called Tree) and tap the first topic (entitled About HP Prime). Here's what appears on my own machine at this writing This is very important when using an RPN calculator with a 4‑level stack (all HP RPN calculators except the HP graphing calculators of the series 28, 48 and 49, the HP 50g and Prime; also the WP 31S and WP 34S in 8‑level stack mode are an exception). Working the above calculation in a left-to-right order with a 4‑level stack machine will overflow the 4‑level stack and give a wrong.

/ Access matrix elements in RPN mode? Thread Rating: 0 Vote(s) - 0 Average; 1; 2; 3; 4; RPN works in the home view on the HP Prime, but not in the CAS. That makes for an awkward transition for calculations between the two views. If the user wants seamlessness, he/she might as well use the Prime in algebraic mode only. Is this the future? Will RPN not be supported any more, or will there be efforts to have CAS functions accept arguments in RPN mode? I guess, for now, I'll hang. Der HP Prime verfügt über ein 3,5-Zoll großen Farb-Touchscreen mit einer Auflösung von 320 × 240 Pixeln, der ähnlich wie bei einem Smartphone über eine Gestensteuerung bedient werden kann. Bei dem Bildschirm handelt es sich um einen 24-Bit Bildschirm, der im 16-Bit-Modus betrieben wird. Unterhalb des Bildschirms befindet sich eine. Hp 35S Online-Anleitung: Rpn- Und Alg Modus. Der Taschenrechner Kann So Eingestellt Werden, Dass Er Arithmetische Operationen Entweder Im Rpn- Oder Im Alg-Modus Ausführt (Rpnreverse Polish Notation, Deutsch: Umgekehrte Polnische Notation; Alg Algebraic, Deutsch: Algebraisch). Im.. Reverse Polish notation (RPN), also known as Polish postfix notation or simply postfix notation, is a mathematical notation in which operators follow their operands, in contrast to Polish notation (PN), in which operators precede their operands. It does not need any parentheses as long as each operator has a fixed number of operands.The description Polish refers to the nationality of.

  1. HP Prime v2 Graphing Calculator wireless Eingabe-Logik algebraisch RPN Textbook Art.Nr.: HPCLCPRIMEV2 Lieferzeit: ca. 1-2 Werktage (Ausland abweichend) Zubehör: 149,00 EUR inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versand. In den Warenkorb. Auf den Merkzettel Beschreibung Beschreibung. HP Prime. Der Grafiktaschenrechner HP Prime enthält einen vollfärbigen Touch-Bildschirm. Die Betätigung erfolgt mittels.
  2. Büromaterial, Schreibwaren, Lehrmittel und mehr. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic
  3. Hp Prime Nw280-2041 Online-Anleitung: Der Verlauf Im Rpn-Modus. 56 Rpn Ist In Der Startansicht, Nicht Aber In Der Cas-Ansicht Verfügbar. Im Rpn-Modus Stehen Dieselben Zeilenbearbeitungsfunktionen Wie Im Algebraischen Und Im Fachbuchmodus Zur Verfügung: Drücken Sie C • Zu Löschen
  4. RPN works in the home view on the HP Prime, but not in the CAS. That makes for an awkward transition for calculations between the two views. If the user wants seamlessness, he/she might as well use the Prime in algebraic mode only
  5. RPN, postfix notation or stack logic, the calculator logic system used in many Hewlett-Packard (HP) calculators and simulations thereof, like the standard Calculator of macOS in RPN-mode (start with ⌘R or Command+R), is easy to use and saves you time because there is no need to use brackets or =
  6. (The full manual can be shown in the Windows Prime emulator, in the help menu) How does it work? The rest of the discussion assumes entry mode is RPN. Imagine you want to calculate 25% of 235. You write 235, enter, 25, press the SIN key, it appends a % character to the 25, now press enter, and you have the result. Note that you did not have to separate the % from the number - but it didn't look bad anyway. Now try this: you want to see the % change between 235 and 200. You press 235.
  7. Tag: hp prime rpn mode. Minimum Deposit $1000. Formax Prime Capital. Read More... Min Spread - 0.8 pips 1. 17 . Trading View. Get a callback from a trusted broker today. Name * First Last. Email * Phone * Country *.

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HP G8X92AA LA Prime v2 Product Specifications. 10-line, 33-character 3.5-inch multi-touch display; Alphanumeric keyboard; RPN and Algebraic mode with Textbook styling, meaning that equations display as they would in a textbook or when written out on a class whiteboard Elegantes HP-Design mit geschliffenem Metall; Farbdisplay mit einer Diagonale von 3,5 Zoll; Multitouch-Betätigung; Applikation CAS (Computer Algebra System) Betriebsarten für Dateneingabe: RPN, algebraisch, Textmodus; 18 HP-Einbau-Apps; Dynamische Geometrie; Zuverlässige Betriebsart EXAM mode für schriftliche Arbeiten (nur bei Modell G8X92AA As one of the first graphing calculator, the HP Prime offers a 3.5-inch, multi-touch-enabled color screen that reacts to touch with your finger, which means all features of the HP Prime can be activated by briefly tapping the screen. HP presents a calculator with a convenient operating system, many people are already familiar with smartphones or tablets. The benefits of multi-touch technology can be seen in many ways The HP 49/50 series are Hewlett-Packard (HP) manufactured graphing calculators.They are the successors of the popular HP 48 series.. There are five calculators in the 49/50 series of HP graphing calculators. These calculators have both algebraic and RPN entry modes, and can perform numeric and symbolic calculations using the built-in Computer Algebra System (CAS), which is an improved ALG48.

HP Prime Graphing Calculator Quick Start Guide translated into German, the 81-page PDF full document included in printed form with the calculator. By Hewlett-Packard. 2017/04/30: HP Prime Technology Corners : Prime ENG 5522KB: A set of PDFs explaining how to do various statistical operations on the Prime. Aimed at AP Statistics students. By Hewlett-Packard. 2017/04/30: HP Prime Tutoriaux.

Hp 49G+ Online-Anleitung: Rpn-Modus. (Drücken Sie H\@@Ok@@, Um In Den Rpn-Modus Zu Wechseln). Drücken Sie Folgende Tastenkombination, Um Den Wert -0,25 In Einer Variablen Α Zu Speichern: 0.25\ ‚A. An Dieser Stelle Sieht Das Display Wie Folgt Aus: Dieser Ausdruck Bedeutet, Dass Der Wert.. Although it is a HP calculator, it's not one of their traditional RPN calculators - it does have a RPN mode, but that's quite limited. On the other hand, the HP Prime feels very well built and retains the classic keyboard layout and feel of older HP calculators - and has the added benefits that it's slimmer than most of its competitors and also has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery rather than using disposable batteries In RPN mode: Press 81, then INPUT. Press 4, SHIFT, [1/x], SHIFT, then [^] Answer = 3. Calculating sin (or tangent) of pi Radians Displays Number Other than 0. HP 20s, 32sii, and 19bii . pi cannot be represented exactly with the 12-digit precision of the calculator. HP 38g. The calculator may not be in the radians mode. If the RAD annunciator is not displayed in the upper left corner of the. The HP Prime does have an RPN mode. I bought it recently, for that very feature, when my HP48 died. The keyboard of the HP Prime isn't really optimized for it (some trivial operations on the stack require key combinations, while on the HP48 there were physical keys for them), but it's acceptable Liked my 50G and RPN mode, but I'm versatile with calculation entry methods. The HP Prime so far has been good, and easy to update thanks to the connect software (for Pc or Mac). It updated so much easier than my 50G. It calculates so much faster. The colour is nice to have, so is the touch. I have a screen protector on my Prime

The HP 12c Platinum calculator can be set to perform arithmetic operations in either RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) or ALG (Algebraic) mode. Changing the mode from ALG to RPN To change the mode from ALG to RPN, press Der HP 35s erlaubt Problemlösungen im Algebra- und RPN-Modus (umgekehrte polnische Notation), löst Gleichungen und berechnet numerische Integrale. Nicht typisch für Rechner dieser Kategorie ist der große Zahlenbereich - erst bei Werten über 1*10^500 gibt es den Overflow. Natürlich lassen sich in basic-ähnlicher Syntax auch Programme schreiben. HP hat bei der Entwicklung dieses Rechners.

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RPN mode . It has RPN, but it's crippled. Even stack handling is messed up. Here's how it's supposed to work: 444 enter * 197,136.0000. Here's what the HP Prime does: 444 enter * Error:Bad argument count. The 50g also does this. Now, yes, you can just hit x 2, but there's more. The stack also doesn't descend like it should: fill up the 10-level stack, press '+' repeatedly, and it will. UPN/RPN (HP-typische Eingabe) HP Prime G2 Graphing Calculator (2AP18AA, Wifi-Option) Tags: Grafikrechner mit CAS, CAS (Computer Algebra System), Textspeicher, programmierbar, Punkt vor Strich, 3-10 Zeilen Display, Farbdisplay, Gleichungslöser, Hintergrundbeleuchtung, Formelspeicher, Touchscreen, Hewlett Packard, Funktionsgraphen, Taschenrechner, kommunikationsfähig, UPN/RPN (HP-typische.

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- Best calculator for engineering professionals - HP-50G - Best professional programming language - C ++. The HP-Prime is a good calculator; 3D graphics but lacks the HP-50G; and other features implemented in RPN (eg CAS in RPN) mode. Should allow the development of programs using the same language of the HP-41CV * Die RPN Unterstützung ist unbrauchbar. Nicht nur fehlen grundlegende Funktionen, die HP seit Jahren nicht per Firmware nachreicht (z.B. eine Undo Funktion), auch ändert sich die ganze Bedienweise des Rechners nicht logisch nachvollziehbar. So müssen Formlen innerhalb der Tabellen z.B. anders eingegeben werden. Im CAS Modus ist RPN gar nicht nutzbar * Die Verpackung (eingeschweißt im. Although I have a working HP50g, I wanted to get the HP Prime. The day I received it, I slept at 2am, playing with it. I have been a loyal HP Calculator user since my graduate school years. I am a College Professor teaching Electrical Engineering. This calculator is easy to use. I was used to RPN. Text mode of this calculator is awesome. I am.

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I recently found NEW RPN CALCULATORS being made in Switzerland, based on various HP models, using ONLY RPN MODE, but with current HW, and updatable firmware and OS. The build quality is also great (IMHO, better than HP). Just posting this as a LOVER of RPN, and seeing people wanting to find new models. Once you use RPN (NOT hard to learn), algebraic mode seems absolutely primitive. No offense. HP part number G8X92AA Calculating Environments. RPL-style RPN (Reverse Polish Notation), available in Home mode only EOS-style algebraic, available in Home and CAS modes Equation Writer (textbook-style input) available in both modes Stack display shows 10 lines Header shows important settings, a digital clock, and battery charg I have since bought the HP Prime and just love it. I have the App on an Android which is my goto (rather than gosub) calculator. But, to use the HP Prime as a dedicated machine just can't be. Save time and keystrokes with RPN and programmable functions, and see intermediate results while you work. Turn the calculator into a customizable testing tool with exam mode configuration that makes only pre-approved functions available. Data sheet HP Prime Graphing Calculator Touch-enabled. Full color. Revolutionary functionality. 2 Designed to keep you up and running Be productive longer.

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Save time and keystrokes with RPN and programmable functions, and see intermediate results while you work. Turn the calculator into a customizable testing tool with exam mode configuration that makes only pre-approved functions available. Designed to keep you up and running. Be productive longer with the lithium-ion rechargeable battery. When you need to charge up, the convertibl Source: HP Prime help screen for powmod Syntax . Input: CAS Mode Program Editor - CAS Programs . powmod(a,n,p) Home Mode- Algebraic or Textbook Entry: Normal Program Editor. CAS.powmod(a,n,p) Home Mode - RPN Entry: 3: a 2: n 1: p CAS.powmod(3), press Enter Examples: CAS Mode . powmod(4,8,6) returns 4 (4^8 MOD 6 My suggestion for you still stands, buy the Hp Prime. If you use the Hp Prime in RPN mode and discover (become a member of the cult) how great it is, then buy the Hp 50G at that time. However, I suspect you will be happy with the Hp Prime regardless, vs buying an Hp 50G and finding out you don't like RPN, switching it into algebraic mode and kicking yourself on how much better the Ti-89 is compared to your HP 50G (the Hp 50G is only a good algebraic calculator, not great). As an. If its value is 0, then the angle mode is radian. And if 1, then the angle mode is degree. There is yet another system variable which tracks the angle mode: AAngle (app angle). If AAngle is 0, then the app angle mode defaults to HAngle. If AAngle is 1, then the app angle mode is in radian, and 2 for degree. The app angle has higher priority than the system angle since an app is always in view

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HP-Prime-Linux release package from https://github.com/zephray/hp-prime-linux/releases 2.1 Entering the SDP mode NOTE: If you already have Linux installed, you may just use flash_erase /dev/mtd0 0 0 to erase the boot sector, so after reset it would fail to boot and fallback to the SDP mode The smallest real number that the HP Prime can represent. mkisom — Matrix of an isometry given by its proper elements. MKSA — Converts the measurement Value_Unit to its corresponding value and unit in MOD — Modulo. Returns the remainder of value1/value2. modgcd — Returns the GCD of 2 polynomials, with the modular algorithm HP Prime is the latest scientific graphing calculator aimed at the high school and college/university market. Its headline grabbing unique feature is a colour, touch sensitive screen. Introduced in Autumn 2013, the HP Prime costs around £105 or US$150. The HP Prime is a radical departure from recent HP calculators offering a multi-touch colour screen, significantly improved processing power. Contact Us | HP Prime Portal | Return to Top | Return to Content | Lite (Archive) Mode | RSS Syndicatio

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I had a HP 50G before and some lesser models TI-36Pro, various Casio models, also TI 83plus. Liked my 50G and RPN mode, but I'm versatile with calculation entry methods. The HP Prime so far has been good, and easy to update thanks to the connect software (for Pc or Mac). It updated so much easier than my 50G. It calculates so much faster. The. HP Prime Entry System Logic: HP RPN, Algebraic and Textbook entry mode. HP Prime Keyboard: Alphanumeric which includes selected scientific notations. HP Prime Power System: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery with built-in intelligent power management and auto 5 minutes auto power off. HP Prime included software: Virtual calculator and software included to transfer work between calculator and PC. What's in the box Introduced to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the HP-35, it is an advanced scientific programmable calculator, featuring algebraic and RPN modes, hyperbolics, statistics, numerical integration, numerical solver, random number generation, equations, and full programmability, using up to 32 Kb of RAM for programs and data. HP 38G: 199 Do financial calculations in Begin or End payment mode. Work with equations, or in Algebraic mode or 'RPN' mode, or with lists of numbers, and this is just the beginning. Many of these choices are made on the 'MODE' menu. You can also customize your calculator in ways that almost make it a completely different calculator to the one you bought

inexplicabale fault in CAS Mode (1 Reply) bugs in the geometry app (0 Replies) Contains Function and String (0 Replies) Hp prime stat 2 var column (1 Reply) Connectivity Kit failed to connect HP Prime (3 Replies) Firmware Update (3 Replies) Firmware release 10637 (1 Reply) supreme fit garcinia Reviews-Probiotic Weight Loss Side Effects (0 Replies) download HP Prime virtual calculator (2. HP Prime G2 Graphing calculator HP Prime has a 3.5-inch full color touch screen , that delivers touch screen or keypad interaction. A range of advanced built-in and programmable functions , a rechargeable built-in long-life Li-Ion battery, easy way to switch between RPN, textbook and algebraic entry-system logic , an optional Wi-Fi adapter and more makes HP Prime the leading edge in graphing calculators

HP Prime Graphing Calculator. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained. We have received the new HP-PRIME G2/B1S (2AP18AA). This calculator is fully compatible with the original, yet twice as fast (while speed was never a problem with the original one). The chipset has been changed, and the new one has several advantages that the previous didn't have. To start with, reportedly you cannot brick the calculator anymore (and this is something that in the past even happened to me, when admittedly I was trying something I shouldn't have done) In next blogs we will go.

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RPN is not only convenient input method, it also gives working area in stack levels (temp variables) by Xsetset. 6 . My apologies- in my enthusiasm I voted 2 times for this idea. by Randy. 3 . xCas only accepts algebraic notation, so full RPN integration wouldn't mesh as well as it does now. by iconmaster. 5 . It might be sufficient, if the stack is a global variable that we can manipulate. How HP Prime fits into Common Core Standards PDF 804 KB. 1 HP Prime Wireless Kit is sold separately and includes one PC antenna and 30 wireless modules, with bi-directional transmission range up to 15 meters. 2 Sold separately. 3 The HP Connectivity Kit is included with the HP Prime Graphing Calculator HP-Prime™ is a feature-rich calculating experience with familiar HP keypad and a large 3.5-inch diagonal, multi-touch full color display. Explore math concepts with Dynamic Geometry, CAS, Advanced Graphing, and spreadsheet applications. HP-Prime™ employs familiar RPN, Algebraic and textbook entry system logic The HP Prime has RPN, algebraic and 'textbook' entry modes. RPN mode is restricted to interactive calculations performed in the Home screen. Expressions used in apps etc. are algebraic or textbook. Programming is in the 'HP Basic' (i.e. not BASIC) language introduced with the HP 38G and steadily built upon in the subsequent models. The HP Prime.

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HP Prime-Grafiktaschenrechner. Inhaltliche Änderungen dieses Dokuments behalten wir uns ohne Ankündigung vor. Die einzigen Garantien für HP Produkte und Services sind die in den Garantiehinweisen genannten, die diesen Produkten und Services beiliegen. Aus den in diesem Dokument enthaltenen Informationen ergibt sich keine weiterführende Garantie. HP ist nicht haftbar für technische oder. Navigation The HP Prime offers two modes of navigation: by touch and by keypress. In many cases, you can tap on an icon, field, menu, or object to select (or deselect) it. For example, you can open the Function app by tapping once on its icon in the Application Library. Page 11: Entering And Editing Expressions Alternatively, you can just tap the field or field label, and: • if the field.

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Let's highlight the main difference between the two versions of the HP Prime. Version A (V1, model NW280AA) was released in October 2013, while version C (V2, model G8X92AA) was released in May 2014. For most purposes, their difference is not important. Both versions are almost the same, except the V2 has the following: an optional wireless system for distributing polls and quizzes, putting. HP Series HP Prime Graphing Calculator Item model number G8X92AA#B1K Item Weight 1.23 pounds Product Dimensions 3.38 x 7.3 x 0.55 inches Item Dimensions LxWxH 3.38 x 7.3 x 0.55 inches Processor Count 1 Computer Memory Type DDR3 SDRAM Power Source Battery Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. Manufacturer hp ASIN B00OX59OY In RPN mode, the user can use all the calculator's features without having to jump through dialogue boxes all the time. For example, say I wanted to graph a sine curve. Instead of having to go to the Y= menu and such, with which we're all familiar, I merely need to type X [SIN] EQ [STO] [PLOT] [F4] [F5] [F6]. (and I can press F4 F5 F6 in very quick succession) It is really nice to use k, rpn, 2: hp-12c: k, rpn, 4: hp-14b: hp-15c: k, rpn, 3: hp-16c: k, rpn, 2: hp-17b/17bii/17bii+ s, a+rpn, 3: hp-18c: s, 3: hp-19c: k, rpn, pr: hp-19bii: s, 2: hp-20s: k: hp-21: rpn: hp-21s: k: hp-22: rpn: hp-22s: hp-25/25c: k, rpn, 3: hp-27: rpn: hp-27s: s: hp-28c/s: r, rpl, 4: hp-29c: k, rpn: hp-30b: a+rpn: hp-30s: hp-31e: rpn: hp-32e: rpn: hp-32s/sii: k, rpn, 3: hp-33e/c: k, rpn, 3: hp-33s: k, rpn: hp-34c: k, rpn, 2: hp-35: rpn, 2: hp-35s: k, a+rp Main page » EDUCATION » HP Prime v2 Calculator with RPN « first « back; next » last » 17 Products in this category. HP Prime v2 Calculator with RPN. TOP. HP Prime v2 Calculator with RPN Product No.: HPCLCPRIMEV2 Shipping time: ca. 1-2 working days (abroad may vary) accessory: 149,00 EUR incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs. Add to cart. Add to wish list Description Description. Experience. Als een van de eerste grafische rekenmachines, beschikt de HP Prime over een 3,5 -inch multi - touch-enabled kleurenscherm dat reageert op aanraking met een vinger, wat betekent dat alle functies van de HP Prime kunnen worden geactiveerd door kort het scherm aan te raken. HP presenteert een rekenmachine met een handig besturingssysteem: veel mensen zijn al vertrouwd met smartphones of tablets

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