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  3. The calculated kite size is based on the assumption that a large twintip kiteboard with straps is used for learning and freeriding and matches the rider's weight: 140 x 42cm - 150 x 45cm for riders 50-80kg 151 x 43cm - 160 x 50cm for riders 80kg+ If you are using a smaller kiteboard then use this Twintip Calculator for Independent Riders
  4. This calculator is provided to help kitesurfers choose the correct kite size based on the wind speed, their weight and the size of their surfboard. Input your weight in kilograms and the wind speed in knots to receive a recommended kite size. The calculator will work with bow, delta and hybrid shape Leading Edge Inflatable kites
  5. Kitsurfing board and kite size calculator This form can be used to calculate the perfect quiver for kitesurfers. It is based on formulas in the Kiteboarding Calculator spreadsheet developed by James Douglass. Click [ here ] for instructions

Approximate kite sizes for the beginners : < 120 lbs = 5 m 2 121 - 150 lbs = 7 m 2 151 - 175 lbs = 9 m 2 176 - 200 lbs = 11 m 2 > 200 lbs = 13 m 2 See Also date and time calculator Der folgende Rechner hilft Dir die richtige Kitegröße passend zu Deinem Gewicht und der Windgeschwindigkeit zu bestimmen. Bitte beachte dabei, dass dies nur ein Anhaltspunkt ist. Die Wahl der Größe der Kites hängt natürlich auch von den jeweiligen Bedinungen und Deinem individuellen Können ab

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  1. The width of your kiteboard is actually as important, if not more, than the length. Width impacts the way the kiteboard feels when doing transitions and jumps. For a rider around 85 kg, a relatively short board (135-139cm) that's wider (42-44cm) can work very well in average winds. A board 1cm wider may feel like an extra 5cm in length
  2. Weight (kg) / wind (knots) x 2.2 = size of kite you should be using; E.g. 58 kg / 16 knots x 2.2 = 7.9 so use an 8m kite
  3. Online Gear Calculator. What sizes and quantity of gear do you actually need? Use this web application to calculate the number of sail or kite sizes you need based on your weight and desired target wind range. Click below for the perfect quiver calculator: Windsurfing gear calculator (board, fin and sail size)..
  4. Lighter and smaller people (<150lbs), should look towards kiteboarding boards in the range of 136cm - 148cm in length. Medium sized people (150 - 200 lbs) need a slightly larger board area - somewhere in the range of 145cm - 160cm. And heavy riders (>200 lbs) would be looking in average of 150cm - 165cm as a starting size kiteboard. 2
  5. The kiteboarding size chart lets you see that the 7m is the ideal size for kiting. The kiteboarding kite size chart is based on normal conditions. This means no currents or big waves, riding a twintip and is for beginners to intermediate riders. The condition can vary a lot and so can the kite size vary to your choosing
  6. The left column is light wind kite recommendations. The center column is mid-range kites and the right is high wind kite recommendations. Kiteboarding Size Chart . This should give you an idea on the average wind speeds you can ride in and how to choose the right size kite for the conditions. Chose your kite size by the conditions you will be riding in. Build your quiver based on maximizing your water time

Similar to other board sports like surfing and snowboarding, there are board sizes that are favorable and recommended toward certain body types and less favorable to others. It's vital that you choose the board and kite that fits your experience level, height and weight. Having the proper gear for your body type can be the difference between easily getting up on the board and kiteboarding like champ or falling flat on your face. No one likes falling on his or her face The general rule is to use a short 17 bar for small kites (4 to 6/7m usually), the long 23 bar is for larger kites (about 12/13m and larger) and the 20 bar is the universal size that will work for all kites but is best for about 6/ 7 m to about 12m Männer: Kiteboard-Größe. Bei Männern um 80kg hat sich in den letzten Jahren eine Kiteboard-Größe von etwa 135cm bis 142cm durchgesetzt. Rider mit Kiteboots verwenden in der Regel etwas größere Boards als Kitesurfer, die mit Straps fahren. Die Breite von Freeride/Freestyle Kiteboards liegt meist um die 40cm +/- 3cm Download Kite Size Calculator and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Which kite should I take? Possibly one of the most common questions I hear on the kite surf beach

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  1. Approximate kite sizes for the beginners : < 120 lbs = 5 m 2 121 - 150 lbs = 7 m 2 151 - 175 lbs = 9 m 2 176 - 200 lbs = 11 m 2 > 200 lbs = 13 m Kitsurfing board and kite size calculator This form can be used to calculate the perfect quiver for kitesurfers. It is based on formulas in the Kiteboarding Calculator spreadsheet developed by James Douglass. Click [ here ] for instructions Which kite.
  2. Shop Kiteboard Size Calculator Online from Kiteboarding Site. Checkout our all new collection of Kiteboard Size Calculator Grab exciting offers today only!
  3. We are providing the best kite Area calculator. It is used to calculate the area and perimeter of the kite by entering angles between two size or diagonals

The following calculator helps you to find the matching kiteboard size for your weight. Please keep in mind that this is just a reference point for what ta good boardsize could be. Please fill the following form to get your individual boardsize: Your weight: Calculate . Create an advert now And get money for your old equipment. Create advert. Get a kite Get a Kite is a search engine for used. How to calculate Perimeter of a Kite using this online calculator? To use this online calculator for Perimeter of a Kite, enter Side A (a) and Side B (b) and hit the calculate button. Here is how the Perimeter of a Kite calculation can be explained with given input values -> 30 = 2*(8+7) You can calculate a kite's aspect ratio by taking its wingspan in square metres and dividing it by the kite's area Ya, I almost wasn't even going to try a board size calculator since it's such a subjective thing and it's unclear how the dimensions should scale with body weight, but I went ahead and did it. Basically, I started with what I would ride at my 160 lbs weight and then made the length and width dimensions of that proportional to the square root of body weight. I'm going to tweak both the initial.

Kiteboard Size. Yes, size matters, a lot. When it comes to kiteboard, you shouldn't be afraid of big sizes, of course not over 142-5 cm, unless you're a complete beginner or riding in lightwind conditions. The 135 cm days are over, it used to be the most popular size for an average customer (180 cm tall), but in the past couple of years we've found that for this height, a 140 cm board will. There are three different things that you'll want to consider when determining what size of kite you should buy. First and foremost, your weight. Second, the style of riding you prefer. Third, the average wind speed at the place you plan to use your kite at most. To make things easier on yourself, consider using this kite size calculator. STRUTS. Struts are what give kites their shape. They. Kite Size Calculator. Ingo Dyrbusch Sports. Everyone. 9. Add to Wishlist. Install Which kite should I take? Possibly one of the most common questions I hear on the kite surf beach. This app is here to provide you with just another opinion to heat up the discussion ;-) Just fill in your weight and windspeed, add the kites you have and you will get an indication which one to pump. Enjoy your. These are all factors that depend on the shape, size and design of the kiteboard. You will find detailed information on the specific characteristics of each type of board at the relevant overview pages for the DUOTONE Twintips, DUOTONE Surfboards and DUOTONE Foilboards. Here we offer a summary of the different types of kiteboards and describe where they might be used and what differences there.

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